Electric Visual Potion Women's Sunglasses

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Cast a spell over whoever you set your gaze upon when you're wearing the Electric Visual Potion sunglasses. Back from the dead, the Potion's were inspired by the spirits of antique fashion and vintage noir. Statement setting and mysterious, you'll be the girl who put the clue in clueless and the itch in... witch, of course. Constructed with high-end materials and premium lens crafting, these durable stunna shades will send your sugar daddies into overdrive. Casting spells under the sun, the Electric Potion sunglasses are a little more than playful fun.


 Lens: Polycarbonate LensElectric uses Bayer brand Makrolon raw polycarbonate material. This premium polycarbonate material is extremely lightweight, has excellent visual clarity and definition while protecting you from the Suns' harsh UV rays and Blue Light.
Frame: Grilamid® FrameGrilamid® is a high tensile strength plastic that retains its' shape in warm temperatures. This material makes the frames extremely impact resistant, flexible, lightweight and durable. Electric uses Grilamid® in all of their molded injected eyewear.

Female Specific FitThe sunglasses are designed specifically for a female's smaller face and features.

Stainless Steel Optical HingeProvides a secure fit on your face and stands up to abuse.

Safety Standards:

UV ProtectionThese sunglasses block 98%+ of the Sun's UV rays.

Blue Light ProtectionThese sunglasses block 98% of harm Blue Light